Cooke Components Ltd offers an innovative blend between a “trading company” and a traditional distribution model with flexibility at the core of our operations…

Founded in 2009 we started life as a trading company – importing and distributing major brand components from overstocks and assisting bicycle brands to clear down excess inventory efficiently. This element of the business is still growing today and our quality control & packing processes allow us to handle large volumes of stock whilst minimising re-packing and delivery errors for our customers.

In 2013 we introduced our house-brand VEL – Having reviewed distribution options for some time we concluded that the only option for long-term investment and stability was to create and manage our own brand. VEL gives us the ability to offer high quality accessories, with branding and packaging to match and most importantly market-leading margins derived from our direct distribution model.

2014 was a busy year at Cooke Components! We introduced our new B2B platform to dealers, making it faster and simpler for dealers to review our stock offering and place orders. We also agreed the distribution for Veltec Wheels, widening our regular offering.

2016 has seen continued growth and refinement of our operations. VEL has been a great success and we are expanding our distribution network into Europe and beyond! Supacaz joins our growing portfolio of complimentary brands with market topping quality on bar tapes.